Activity Tracker with Heart rate monitor and GPS
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Benefits of Using an Activity Monitor Watch

An activity monitor watch doesn’t only look fashionable as an accessory to wear in your wrist. In fact, their functionality is what gives it its greatest appeal. In the following section, we will show you how an activity monitor watch can be of huge help in many areas of life, including your exercise routine and performance obviously.

Advantages of Using an Activity Monitor Watch

1. Aids in Weight Loss

Weight loss is currently one of the major concerns for people. Trying to burn that fat to either be healthier or for aesthetic purposes is very important for any of us in general. Thanks to activity monitor watches, individuals are able to exercise in a more effective manner that will allow them to achieve their weight loss goals. This is because they have now the possibility of having a device that can tell them at any given time during their session how many calories they have burnt and other related information that will keep them focused on the goal at hand. These types of devices give the person that push they need to “run the extra mile” since he or she can quantify the time and effort that he or she is putting into the current exercise routine.

2. Helps the User Maintain the Desired Intensity Level

Most people that start to exercise will find that as time goes by during their exercise session, they start lowering their performance level. Not with an activity monitor watch. In a study made by a soon to be PhD researcher of the Neag School of Education Kinesiology, it was proven that both people with and without a monitor watch could assess when they reached high intensity levels. However, the study also showed that after those high intensity levels were reached, only those people with monitor watches could identify when their levels dropped down below an acceptable rate. Therefore, having an activity monitor watch will help people ensure that they can know when they have lowered their intensity so they will be able to increase it to the desired level.

3. Helps you Ensure that Your Exercise is a Healthy One

While dropping your intensity level will not allow you to achieve the desired results, it is also negative to go over a healthy intensity level for a prolonged time. According to the American Heart Association, the heart rate of a person should be between 50 to 85% of the maximum rate for that specific person. Exercising above the maximum levels will significantly increase your chances of having cardiac problems as well as other injuries. Moreover, your muscles will be overworked which will mean that less gains will be visible in the long run. This applies mostly for older persons, people with heart conditions, and professional athletes.

4. It Helps a Lot for People Suffering from Anxiety

While not the common use of an activity monitor watch, the heart rate tracker in it can actually help people decrease their anxiety significantly according to scientists Melissa Houser et al. In a pilot study published on 2013 on the Family Medicine Journal, the researchers took fifty three patients from rural areas all suffering from anxiety and placed them for one month with a non-behaviorist that guided them with meditation techniques at the same time they tracked their own heart rate. A control group without a hear tracker or activity monitor watch was also given the same indications. At the end of the study it was concluded that it helped him improve more than the group that didn’t use this device. Patients using the monitor watch reported feeling more in control of their nerves and they did better on the Anxiety self-efficacy test and the state trait anxiety inventory test than the control group patients. In these times when anxiety cripples almost 50% of the population, an activity monitor watch along with meditation and biofeedback techniques can be an almost necessary device for those people looking for a real relieve of their condition.

What Activity Monitor Watches to Buy

In this site, we have made it easy for you to find reviews of activity monitor watches so you will be able to make an informed decision. We have gathered those monitor watches with the highest quality to price ratio so you can be sure of getting the right device for the just price. Here are some of them:

Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS Multisport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor
Designed for people that take exercise seriously, this watch has a very sporty style. It has a GPS incorporated and it can be used when practicing many sports due to its water-proof property. An indispensable heart rate monitor comes in it which will allow you to enjoy all of the advantages detailed above.

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Polar FT7 Heate Rate Monitor and Sports Watch

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch
This watch offers many useful features for the average person looking forward to burn fat or improve his aerobic resistance levels. In fact, an EnergyPointer feature is included in it that it’s precisely meant to let the user know if the exercise he is doing work more for burning fat or become a better athlete. This means that both people on exercise regimes looking forward to lose weight and athletes that want to improve their performance will find it very attractive.

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